53. 1648 funeral medal of Hiëronymus Hirnius

1648, funeral medal of Hiëronymus Hirnius, Lutheran minister of Rotterdam: skull and bones with hourglass: Dn. M. Hieronymus Hirnius van Maachden Borgh, Predicant Der Luthersche Gemeente tot Rotterdam Obijt 30 Martij 1648 (Rev. Hieronymus Hirnius from Magdeburg, minister of the Lutheran congregation of Rotterdam, deceased March 30th 1648).
Reverse: palm tree branche: Gerust In ’t Midden van de Baeren (Medius tranquillus in undis) (Rested in the middle of heavy seas). Psalm 126 De Welcke met Tranen Hier Saaijen, die Sullen daar namaals met Blijdschap Maeijen (May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy.) Given to the bearers of the corps, no image, only known out of the literature, silver, oval.