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Geslagen verbeelding, Lutherse penningen in Nederland (Publisher:Verloren, Hilversum, 2010, 288 p.), is written by Harry Donga, photographer is Carel van den Berg.

Dr Harry Donga, studied theology at the University of Amsterdam, in 1989 he graduated as a doctor of theology at the same university. From 1973 till 2008 he was a minister of the Evangelical-Lutheran Congregation of Amsterdam, he wrote several books on theological and historical issues.

Drs Carel van den Berg, studied geography at the University of Utrecht, he was fromĀ 1969 till 2007 a teacher of geography.

Lutherse Penningen

Lutherse Penningen

The book contains far more information, especially on the symbols, than the medals on this site. You can order this book Verloren.