Lutheran Medals

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Commemoration of the Reformation On October the 31 1517 Martin Luther put on the door of the Castle-church of Wittenberg (Germany) his 95 theses (about the reformation of the church). This attempt started the Reformation. Out of and beside the Roman Catholic Church an evangelical movement emerges that eventually debouches into a new protestant church. In the Netherlands this evangelical movement in its Lutheran variation attracted attention.
Commemoration of the Augsburg Confession In March 1521 Luther’s publications were forbidden by the Reichstag in Worms, and Luther himself was excommunicated after his defense in the presence of Emperor Charles V He finished his defense with the words
Commemoration of the life of LutherMartin Luther was born November 10th 1483, he died February 18th 1546. As commemoration of both occasions medals were struck.
Lutheran Congregations and institutions of Amsterdam In 1588 the Lutheran congregation of Amsterdam was founded. The oldest church of the congregation is the Old Lutheran Church on the Spui, built 1633.
Other Lutheran Congregations and institutionsLutheran congregations and foundations of the following cities are mentioned in this chapter: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Haarlem, Schiedam, Middelburg, Zaandam, Woerden.

Lutheran Salzburg refugees in the Netherlands The religion of the ruling prince or bishop determines the faith of the inhabitants. In the region of the Archbishop of Salzburg many Lutherans lived refusing to accept the political rules concerning “cuius region, eius religio” (who’s country, those religion).

Unique medalsIn this chapter several unique medals are introduced. And last but not least a pin collection.